The focus of our school is to develop to the fullest the thinking and creative skills of our students

Modern English School follows the NCERT syllabus as per norms and it is dynamically delivered to the students by a highly competent and self-dedicated faculty. We look to encourage independent thought, develop effective communication and inquiry skills, and work on learning habits and the ability to assess and evaluate information.

Class sizes are carefully monitored and the school setting enables the teachers to engage our students and support them to achieve their true potential.

Pupils enrolled at our school are able to reap the benefits of an educational system with a global perspective, which celebrates diversity and promotes understanding and assimilation of a broad spectrum of languages and community.

The combination of extensive modern facilities, an independent thinking ground and a nature-friendly environment provides an excellent learning environment and ambience.


Modern Academy (Early Years)

Every child in Modern Academy is treated as a unique person in his/her own way.

Situated in the green suburbs of the city, we offer every child a happy safe and innovative learning experience to proceed to a strong and confident personality.

The Modern Academy is a pre-school where children get early childhood education in a happy, loving and safe environment. We believe that a good learning experience in the early years has a very enduring impact on the days to come in terms of their abilities interests and identity. The innovative activity based teaching methodology makes learning experience fun aligned with the world outside of the school gates.

Motivation and positive experience through different learning activities develop confidence in learners. Therefore, friendly, well planned and purposeful environment is created for children to help them explore their strengths and weaknesses and build their own distinct identity.

We try to deliver integrated learning opportunities to the highest standard by keeping flexibility between academics and co-curricular activities. We believe that parents and teachers are the key for development of children. Therefore, we make sure that a well balanced, structured and quality learning is imparted to each child which in turn will negate the need for academic help at home.

We see to it that all children have access to both indoor and outdoor provisions all of which are in an excellent condition. Our main aim for children is that they enjoy the learning process and their time with us, and we in turn, ensure that it enhances their learning and development.

Sushmita Chanda.


“ Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
George Bernard Shaw

Change is the keyword for the 21st century. From marks to grades, from real to virtual classrooms, from blackboards to smart boards – education has acquired a completely new definition and dimension. We try to understand and work with each child and firmly believe that it is our responsibility to prepare children for their future, not just good knowledge, but skills, habits, attitude , values, ethics and help them to live in our world of trials and tribulations.

It is said that the young mind is the sharpest mind. It learns quick and acts quicker. It has acquired great achievements with the sole motive of exploring the unexplored and travelling on the untraveled path. Positive work ethics and the pursuit of excellence has always been our strength. In an endeavour to build a strong foundation of the mind and body, we try to facilitate all students to reach their full potential, brilliant in their uniqueness, bold in their thoughts and limitless in their imagination.

Parental involvement is a key element in a child’s learning, as both parents and teachers needs to support the child’s learning. There is no formal examination for classes 1 and 2. We assess students through continuous and comprehensive evaluation. The assessment of a student is not just taken at the end of a term but throughout the year using different techniques of evaluation. A child is assessed not only in terms of his knowledge but his participation in other activities also. CCE is child centric and views each learner as unique. This aims to build on an individual child’s abilitie , progress and development and the child should never feel burdened during the learning process. It employs a variety of remedial measures of teaching based on learning needs and potential of different students.

I am fortunate that I have been given the resposibilities to educate your children andprovide them the best possible education that we aim.



Note: Curriculum as per CBSE Format

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