Principal's Desk

Here at Modern English School, the three pillars - committed teachers, hard work, and a good academic and cultural environment signify our identity. Our emphasis is on critical thinking, professionalism and ethics. Our core purpose is to develop our students’ critical thinking and ethical standpoint.

Our Commitment

We are committed to the learners’ academic, cultural, and physical development. We are proud that this school has been able to build its own identity: a conducive academic and progressive environment that helps learners to flourish and enjoy the learning process. We are pioneers in adopting and using information technology in the right spirit, and always adopt the best international pedagogy and practices to reach each child.

Learning Community

At MES, we facilitate excellence and focus on everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, we try to understand a learner’s need and constantly work upon it. We try to work on each student’s strength so that they feel empowered and confident of their abilities, and in turn also feel motivated to work on their weaknesses.

Our Approach

We believe that the foundation of a good school is dependent on the teaching and learning process transacted by teachers in the classroom. The untiring efforts of our dedicated teachers with trust-based responsibility enable our students to be responsible citizens with an independent thinking capability.


We take up different measures collectively on learning and teaching for upgrading the teaching-learning process. We work, rework, verify and then validate our processes. Vice-Principal, Teacher Leaders, Deputy Heads constantly work on developing the teaching learning process through online/offline and direct/indirect platforms. We constantly highlight on ‘WHAT’ to do, ‘HOW’ to do, and more importantly ‘WHY’ we do ‘WHAT’ we do.

We expect everyone to consider these priorities, which are underpinned by our values and philosophy and to relate it with their own beliefs and practices. The best way to get to know the school is to experience the professional environment and ambience.

About the Principal

Mrs. Jonali Das studied History at Gauhati University, Guwahati, where she also completed her B.Ed. She went to the University of Southampton, England, for studying her Masters in ‘Institutional Leadership for Professional Development and Educational Management’. Before being appointed in Modern English School, she taught at Bongaingaon College as a Lecturer, Department of History. Her area of interest is teaching History effectively and her specialization is in ‘Educational Management’. Her innovative practices include: working on whole school teaching and learning system dynamically to meet the academic needs of each child. Currently, she is studying the dynamics of leadership practices of Private and Government schools.

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