School Sports and Fitness

We aim to promote teamwork, discipline, physical fitness, and a competitive spirit among our students through various sports programs, including basketball, badminton, chess, cricket, yoga, taekwondo, and football.


Develops skills, teamwork, and strategic thinking through fundamental training, regular practice, and competitive matches.


Enhances critical thinking, concentration, and decision-making skills through learning rules, strategies, and tactics, with opportunities for competitive tournaments.


Instils discipline, teamwork, and patience through batting, bowling, fielding, and tactical skill development, including participation in inter-school matches.


Promotes physical, mental, and emotional well-being through various asanas, breathing exercises, and meditation techniques, improving flexibility, balance, and mindfulness.


Emphasises self-defence, discipline, and respect through basic kicks, punches, and self-defence techniques, fostering self-confidence, self-discipline, and physical fitness.


Enhances teamwork, physical fitness, and sportsmanship through ball control, passing, shooting, and tactical understanding, with opportunities for friendly matches and training sessions.


Focuses on agility, speed, and hand-eye coordination, enhancing reflexes and overall fitness levels through skill improvement and regular practice.

In conclusion, our school offers diverse sports programs to cater to students' interests and talents, fostering a love for physical activity, instilling values, and promoting overall well-being. We encourage active participation in our sports programs for the many benefits they offer. Let's embrace the spirit of sportsmanship and strive for excellence together!

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