Developing a
Culture of Growth
& Excellence

The quality of learning environment is closely inter-related with several aspects of school organisation. Schools need to share its vision with all its stakeholders. Research into what makes schools effective finds that learning requires an orderly, but not rigid, and co-operative environment for having deep-rooted learning both in and outside the classrooms.

School climate – teacher morale, teacher-student relations, disciplinary climate, student–related factors – and Student Truancy are two defining pillars of school culture. Virtually in all school systems, schools with more negative disciplinary climates tend to have a higher incidence of students arriving late, skipping classes or unauthorised non-attendance in school. Student truancy not only hurts the individual student, but when it is pervasive, it hurts the entire class. Students who arrive late or skip classes fall far behind in their classwork and require extra assistance, the flow of instruction is disrupted and all students in the class may suffer.

Conditions such as good quality of relationships and general orderly atmosphere – the result of school culture – are important characteristics of effective schools. Research indicates that whether students get along with their teachers, whether teachers are interested in their personal well-being, whether teachers take students seriously, whether teachers are a source of support if students need extra help, and whether teachers treat students fairly affect teaching and learning (Crosnoe, Johnson and Elder, 2004 cited in OECD, 2103). Most effective schools’ teachers value academic achievement and take pride in their schools, work with enthusiasm and have high morale.

The indicators described above are, to a greater extent, inter-related. A profound understanding on how and what are we doing will help school communities to work better towards achieving excellence and growth effectively.

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