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In Literacy skill we will be

1. Identifying and reading both uppercase and lowercase cursive alphabets from Aa to Zz.

2. Sorting vowels from the consonants.

3. Communicating effectively with peers and teachers.

4. Encouraging to listen and speak with clarity to enjoy English language.

5. Expressing and describing any given picture in one-two words.

6. Reading, spelling and writing the vowel sound words independently.

In Numeracy skill we will be

1. Comparing, estimating, differentiating objects as Same and different, big and small, thick and thin, tall and short, few and many, full and empty, inside and outside, up or down, heavy and light on the basis of similarity and differences.

2. Recapitulating number sense, counting and writing of numbers upto 100.

3. Observing, comparing and completing a given pattern.

4. Identifying, matching, naming, sorting and colouring the shapes.

5. Understanding the direction of an object as Left or right.

6. Filling in the missing number in a given set of numbers.

In General Awareness we will be

1. Knowing different parts of body and its importance.

2. Identifying, naming and realising the importance of different family members.

3. Talking about their special day i.e. their birthday, home and school.

4. Developing an understanding of taking care of their things.

5. Speaking and appreciating about the healthy habits.

6. Understanding the importance of cleanliness of the body and surrounding also.

In Physical Education we will be

1. Using different tools to learn balancing on different body parts such as hands, knees, elbows etc.

2. Involving students in running, hopping, jogging, climbing and also sliding.

3. Engaging them in physical exercises.

4. Moving body parts specially hands for games like target games.

5. Exhibiting body movements in rhythm to music and hula hoop.

6. Engaging in football for free body movement.

In Art and Colouring we will be

1. Engaging in free hand and colouring on different type of papers independently and pasting strings on papers.

2. Printing with the help of cotton by dabbing and making meaningful structure.

3. Involving in colour mixing and encouraging them to see the change in colour shading.

4. Creating new structures with their coloured individual finger prints on paper.

5. Making Collage using different type of printing by irregular shapes, and explore their creative skills by colouring as per situation.

In Rhymes and songs we will encourage students to sing the following rhymes with fun, happiness, rhythm and clear pronunciation.

1. Boogie-woogie!

2. All by Myself

3. Two Little feet

4. Head,Shoulders,Knees and Toes

5. Ten Little fingers

6. Here We go round the Mulberry Bush

7. Clean hands

8. Good manners

9. Brush My teeth

10. Pease Porridge hot

11. My home is the Best

12. A new friend

13. My kite

14. Twinkle, Twinkle,Traffic light

In Literacy skill we will be

1. Reading, spelling and writing the vowel sound words independently.

2. Comparing the sound of different words and matching the rhyming words.

3. Understanding and applying the articles in appropriate place.

4. Understanding the meaning of noun and differentiate the nouns from a given set of words.

5. Understanding and describing the meaning of position words.

In Numeracy skill we will be

1. Understanding of Concept of Zero and its value both before and after a number.

2. Reading, spelling and writing number names upto 100.

3. Comparing the value of numbers according to its place value and find out equal numbers, greater than and less than.

4. Understanding the concept of Ordinal numbers.

5. Applying the concept of one more or less to know what comes before, after and in between.

6. Counting and writing numbers backwards.

In General Awareness we will be

1. Understanding the importance of healthy food for the growth and development of the body.

2. Describing the different safety rules to be followed at home, on the road and at the playground.

3. Identifying, naming, writing the names of people who help us in our daily life.

4. Differentiating between the different means of transport and speak about its use.

5. Identifying and describing the different seasons.

In Physical Education we will be

1. Spending 20 minutes of the day on physical exercise.

2. Involving students in outdoor playground session in the Trampoline independently for better coordination of body parts.

3. Using equipments like scooter, bicycle, hula hoop for physical balancing and movements.

4. Engaging in water volleyball and enjoy period with their peers.

5. Allowing free movement of body parts for throwing, catching a ball.

6. Engaging students in hitting a ball with bat freely.

In Art and Colouring we will be

1. Colouring different festivals celebrated in Autumn season.

2. Preparing Pencil shaving craft on paper.

3. Creating Blow painting in Art and craft book.

4. Colouring different type of paper cut outs of shapes and place in a pattern.

5. Using recycled paper for preparing best wishes cards for festivals.

6. Encouraging to put their creative skill in using torn out papers to make a Collage.

7. Preparing their own label for copy.

In Rhymes and songs we will encourage students to sing the following rhymes with fun, happiness, rhythm and clear pronunciation.

1. Safety First

2. Hush-a-bye baby

3. Hey Diddle Diddle

4. Our Band

5. The Postman

6. Our friendly Street

7. The Grocer’s Shop

8. Days of the week

9. Months of a year

10. Ten Little Indians

11. Hickory Dickory Dock

12. London Bridge

13. I am a Big Engine

14. The Chook,chook Train

In literacy skill we will be

1. Understanding the usage of “This” and “that” in real life.

2. Understanding, describing ,reading and writing the meaning of action words.

3. Knowing the words which mean exactly opposite.

4. Encouraging to study different type of pictures and frame story out of it.

5. Reading, spelling and writing the sight words independently.

6. Sequencing stories on the basis of events in an order and speak about it independently.

In Numeracy skill we will be

1. Counting and writing numbers backwards.

2. Ordering numbers according to its value in ascending or descending order.

3. Observing the pattern in the numbers and skip by a particular number.

4. Enabling students to put together numbers, add, take away, reduce numbers or objects.

5. Understanding the concept of place value i.e. Tens and ones and form larger numbers.

In General Awareness we will be

1. Identifying, reading, spelling and naming the different parts of the animal body.

2. Identifying, naming, sorting out animals as wild, domestic, fruits, vegetables and pet animals.

3. Understanding the need of good habits and manners.

4. Naming the different things present in the neighbourhood.

5. Developing respect for the people of different parts of the world and name atleast 6-7 festivals celebrated in India.

6. Encouraging children to know about the different states of India.

In Physical Education we will be

1. Involving students in different type of ball games in the field.

2. Show different kinds of movements independently while jumping, hopping, running in a particular pattern.

3. Encouraging students to run on one leg for short distance and also run without moving hands freely for the chocolate/ sweets.

4. Involving in movement according to the rhythm of music for musical chair.

5. Exhibiting their creativity by modelling blocks individually.

In Art and Colouring we will be

1. Preparing whole class collage displaying the story “The hare and the tortoise”.

2. Colouring different type of terrestrial animals in drawing copy.

3. Using chocolate wrappers, pencil shavings for making different type of structures.

4. Learning how to draw any animal “stepwise”.

5. Making animal masks by using paper or textured paper Drawing and painting independently in drawing copy.

6. Preparing finger puppet using peanut shell.

In Rhymes and songs we will encourage students to sing the following rhymes with fun, happiness, rhythm and clear pronunciation.

1. Row,Row,Row Your Boat

2. Take a Bus or Take a Train

3. A joy Ride

4. The Sun

5. Rainbow song

6. Rain on the Green Grass

7. A Bear and a Bunny

8. My kitten

9. Incey Wincey Spider

10. Little Miss Muffet

11. Yankee Doodle

12. I know a Duck

13. The hen is a chicken

14. Five Little fish

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